® Price per Head offshore services located in Costa Rica is one of the best pay per head solutions in the sports betting industry. We ensure to provide our bookmakers with a 3 set-in-advance profiles to deliver the best virtual casino experiences that sports betting players can have.

When bookmakers join our pay per head service we make sure to offer all betting players (active or seasonable) the best casino entertainment and multilingual quality customer support all year round.

In addition,® guarantees a great deal of benefits that include secure betting environments, highly trained multilingual customer support, solid connectivity, strong mobile betting platforms which make it really easy for the players and bookmakers to access their betting accounts, get updates, credit funds to their accounts, check balances, and play any online casino game or poker tournament.® Price per Head services offshore contact center solution is fully equipped with top-class technical infrastructure ready to deliver the best connectivity to all our sports betting bookmakers’ web sites ensuring no download delays, data storage, development environments, variety of domain names and tailored server configurations that provide complete access 24/7/365.

There are many reason This is just one of the many reasons; we work every hour of the day to provide the most secure environments for your customers’ handling and betting action.®  Pay per Head services should be your number one choice. We provide the right tools to get your business started and we stay alert to make sure your betting activity keeps increasing on a daily basis.

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