Although the first 2018 World Cup game takes place on June 14, the World Cup officially opens on June 15. Online bookie agents should already have their strategies in place to make the most they can from World Cup betting.

Just in case, below we’ve listed some of those strategies.

Pay Per Head Agent Success Strategies for World Cup Betting

All strategies listed here can be employed in different ways. Sticking to the general strategy should reap profits.

Concentrate on teams with name players – Soccer players like Ronaldo, Suarez, Neymar, Isco, and Lionel Messi are famous for a reason. When per head agents utilize name players in their World Cup promotions, they’re more likely to get sports bettors to place wagers.

For example, Portugal battles Spain on June 15. That’s Ronaldo with Portugal versus Isco with Spain. Agents are likely to encourage more action by pointing that out to their players. That’s the same whenever Messi with Argentina, Suarez with Uruguay, or Neymar with Brazil hit the pitch.

Promote match ups with teams that could win the World Cup – Bettors that love soccer will no doubt know all 32 participating 2018 World Cup teams. That’s not true for NBA, NFL, and MLB bettors. Education could be required to get those players interested in the World Cup.

The best way to educate players is to promote games that involve teams capable of winning the World Cup. Not surprisingly, those teams often also have the best players:

Germany – Thomas Mueller,              4/1

Brazil – Neymar                                  4/1

France – Antoine Grizmann               6/1

Spain – Isco                             6/1

Argentina – Messi                   7/1

Belgium – Romelu Lukaku    10/1

Promote match ups from EDT time – The 2018 World Cup takes place in Russia. It’s important that pay per head agents promote World Cup match ups in eastern standard time. EDT is what sports bettors are used to seeing.

By promoting match ups in EDT, agents add familiarity to their promotions. Here’s an example of how to do this:  Spain versus Portugal takes place on June 15 at 11:00 am PDT (Pacific Standard Time).  That’s 2:00 pm EDT (Eastern Standard Time).

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