For per head agents, reports can lead to new marketing ideas, or a way to become more efficient. One report that agents most likely aren’t looking at enough is the player activity report. These reports break down a player’s activity.

There’s a specific way that agents can leverage player activity report. See below for how that’s done.

Categorize Players

Online bookie agents first must categorize their players. The most important part of categorization is separating pro players from casual players. Without categorizing this way, it’s going to be hard for agents to leverage player activity reports.

Leverage Casual Player Activity Reports

By studying player activity reports, pay per head agents should be able to find trends with casual players. For example, some casual players only wager on network televised games. Agents can build marketing plans around that specific activity.

Perhaps, there’s a casual player that follows the money. A follow the money player waits until there’s a change in a betting line. That player goes wherever the money goes. Agents could provide great customer service by alerting follow the money players to line changes.

Many casual players only wager on certain teams in certain sports. By studying player activity reports, agents can see which teams in which sports certain casual players prefer. This knowledge can help agents encourage more action from those casual players.

Leverage Pro Player Activity Reports

Usually, by studying pro player activity reports, most online bookie agents are going to see strong trends. Pro players don’t often navigate away from tendencies that work. That’s why they’re pros. Almost all pro players bet per the unit method. What this means is that a pro player assigns a dollar amount to a unit. For example, 1 unit could equal $10. The minimum a pro player might play on a game is 5 units, which equals $50 based on this example.

What online bookies can determine is what pro players like. They can then either set schedule limit overrides, or max betting limits on those games. If a pro player bets $50 on a game, bookmakers don’t have much to consider. But, if a pro player dumps $1,000 on a game, the online bookie might want to consider setting a schedule limit override, or even utilizing his or her layoff account.

Player activity reports are powerful tools that allow per head agents to see specific player trends. Right now, agents can get 50% off the usual cost of the premier package. The number to call is 888-978-0688.