Over recent years as the pay per head industry has become more well-known and established among bookmakers, those that have started to utilize these services have definitely been able to reap the benefits, both in terms of revenue and time. In short, a bookmaker who uses a pay per head service finds himself making more money for doing less work. Which is exactly the type of ratio that we all look for in any walk of life – more for less.

Given this ratio that allows the average bookie to spend more of their time increasing their business instead of maintaining their business, it’s no surprise at all that once the word gets out more and more fellow bookies are getting in on the act. This is leading to an explosion of new clients for those pay per head services that are operating out of offices and call centers worldwide, creating a knock-on chain of employment and opportunity. Business is truly booming for everyone involved in every aspect of pay per head.

There’s no direct numbers or percentage points out there to measure exactly how much the business has grown over the last few years. It’s all very fluid and general. The only way that those of us in the industry can tell – outside of our own direct pay per head companies – how much business has gotten better is by talking to each other and realizing that we are all hiring more people and taking on more clients. Talking a little more closely to each other, without giving each other our company secrets, we realize that collectively the vast majority of our new clients are bookmakers. It’s bookmakers that are allowing us to hire new customer service staff, buy more equipment, and enlarge our workspaces. More and more bookies from all over the world contacting pay per head services and utilizing them to look after their customers for them when they’re making their bets. It’s a magical thing.

Are there more and more bookies in the world or is it just a larger percentage of them that are getting smart and using pay per head services? It’s probably the latter. Bookies are smart people and most of them became bookies in the first place in order to maintain a better-than-normal work life balance. A bookmaker who doesn’t use a pay per head service has a pretty good life with no bosses telling them what to do. A bookie that uses a pay per head service will find himself on the golf course or sitting poolside the majority of the time, making money while they do it. This bookie will tell his non-pay per head using friends about all his free time and his extra money and those friends will want a piece of that. They will contact a pay per head company and before long will find themselves sitting poolside or playing golf themselves. This is the reason why the business is growing so much and will continue to grow in the coming years.