Football PPH:  NFL NFC East Division Betting

As an NFL bookie, it’s important that you know exactly where your players are likely to put their money. This is especially true with the NFL. It can’t be stressed enough that an online bookie receives more than 60%, some times higher, of his or her action during the NFL football season.

From now until when the fist pre-season game starts, I’m going to do deep dives into future bets in NFL online betting. This week, I take a look at the NFC East Division.

NFC East Division Future Betting

Before getting into this year’s future betting odds on the teams in the NFC East, it’s important to recap what happened last season. The Dallas Cowboys started out as the favorites.

Why not?  The Cowboys finished the 2014-2015 NFL Season by losing 21 to 26 to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Playoff Round. It wasn’t even a real loss. Dallas dropped the game due to a suspect touchdown catch by Dez Bryant. What happened in 2015 to the Cowboys?  QB Tony Romo got hurt. So did Dez Bryant. DeMarco Murray’s replacement at running back, Joseph Randle, ended up spending more time in jail cells than he did on the football field. The Cowboys cut him less than half way through the season.

Dallas won only 4 games last season. The rival Washington Redskins took home the NFC East crown with a 9 and 7 record See below for this year’s odds.

Dallas Cowboys +150 – Have things changed enough for online bookies to worry about the action on Dallas to win the NFC East?  Probably not. +150 appears to be the exact odds that are fair on the Boys to take home the NFC East Division in 2016. The key for Dallas will be the play of RB Ezekiel Elliott, whom owner Jerry Jones spent the 4th pick in the NFL Draft on acquiring. If Elliott comes up big, the Boys will have a shot. But, he might be their only shot because the defense is going to be horrible.

New York Giants +200 – The Giants spent a ton on defense. They signed away cornerback Janoris Jenkins from the Rams. They signed away defensive end Olivier Vernon from the Miami Dolphins. They even drafted safety Eli Apple in the first round. What the Giants also did was draft wide receiver Sterling Shepard from Oklahoma in Round 2. Shepard will help open up the offense for Eli Manning to WR Odell Beckham Jr. What all of this means is that online bookies shouldn’t be surprised if money starts flowing onto the Giants to win the NFC East.

Washington Redskins +350 – Any football betting online players that put money on Washington to win the NFC East last season made out like a bandit. The Redskins aren’t getting any love this season either. Washington won the NFC East with a team that wasn’t nearly as talented as the one that hits the gridiron in 2016-2017. Washington signed corner Josh Norman away from the Carolina Panthers after the Panthers lifted the franchise tag. They drafted WR Josh Docston from TCU. They made a commitment to QB Kirk Cousins. Online bookies had better pay attention for any big wagers placed onto Washington in their NFL sportsbooks to win the NFC East. The +350 odds could get books into trouble if they don’t manage it right.

Philadelphia Eagles +400 – The odds on the Eagles are either too high or too low depending on what players think. The addition of head coach Doug Pedersen adds some stability. But the defense and offense don’t appear set. The NFC East might be too deep for the Eagles to win it. Online bookies should expect some money, but not a lot, to flow onto the Eagles to win the NFC East Division this season.

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