As a pay per head service provider our goal aim is to guarantee a fast and user-friendly betting environment for the players, and at the same time work together with the bookmakers to cover their betting requests like: full access to real-time reporting, marketing advice, sharp betting lines, risk management advice, and top security levels at all times.® team of gambling experts guarantees a reliable and professional bookmaking solution and number one option in offshore business outsourcing offerings. Our service is easy, fast, and provides outstanding results. Be sure to ask about our online mobile betting platforms available to players and bookmakers using smart phones or any other devices like: notes, tablets, androids and others.

In addition, our pay per head package prices are the most cost-effective in the industry. Our bookmakers can access and manage their accounts and their players´betting accounts without the need to get to a computer or be in just one place. Bookmakers are able to connect at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world and check their daily, weekly and monthly reports, review lines, updates, change players´profiles, and more.® Pay per Head package options and prices are very convenient, our bookmakers have three choices: Essential, Elite and Unlimited. The following is a quick link to a list of main differences bookmakers will find, depending on the type of players they handle:

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