One of the biggest mistakes an online bookie agent can make is to underestimate online casino revenue. There are several features of the Bettors Net online casino that make playing in it attractive to most sports bettors. Below, check out some of those features.

Online Casino Revenue Can be Passive Revenue

The first thing to understand about online casino revenue is that it can become passive revenue. Passive revenue is revenue that doesn’t require too much effort on the part of business owners to obtain. Here’s an example of non-passive and passive revenue:

Most casual horse racing players won’t bet on the Breeders’ Cup races that take place on Friday Nov. 3. It could take promotion efforts from agents to get casual players to bet on Friday’s Breeders Cup races. Revenue in the form of action from Saturday’s Breeders’ Cup race might not require much promotion at all.

The online casino is passive revenue. What it means is that promotional efforts, or minimal promotional efforts, are all that’s required. There are inherent aspects of Bettors Net’s online casino that makes it attractive to all gamblers.

Low minimums – When bettors can play hands of blackjack for only a buck, it’s no longer gambling. It becomes entertainment. Low minimums are attractive to bettors.

Mobile betting – Bettors are more likely to spin the roulette wheel for $1 if they can spin it whenever they wish.

Entertainment doesn’t come cheaper – The average movie ticket is around $15. $15 in the online casino can provide at least 2 hours of entertainment. Plus, players can come out ahead, which means they can make a few bucks by doing something they like to do.

It’s Always Online Casino Season

Per head agents shouldn’t look past this fact. It’s always online casino season. What it means is that the online casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. At any time, any one of your players can jump onto the online casino and play.

What online bookie agents must do is provide players information on the online casino. Once the online casino has been opened for all players, agents should email or text those players about the online casino. Pump up the entertainment value for minimum investment. Soon, agents might see more and more passive online casino revenue flow into their businesses.

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