An online per head solution is the best choice for sports betting agents that need to upgrade their betting offering, technology reach, security standards, customer and wagering support and their own account management.

At® Price per Head services we provide a realible and professional option at the right price. Our per head packages are 100% personalized and our team of gambling experts make sure to monitor our agents´ players betting activities at all times.

In addition to the many benefits we offered there are many technology advantages our agents have at hand. For example: a robust connectivity which guarantees no download or telephone communication issues plus complete access to one of the best mobile platforms in the betting industry.

We at® Price per Head help our agents to acquire new players and retain those that are already active. We provide only top services and our multilingual customer and wagering support staff is available 24/7/365 to make sure the players fully enjoy their experience at® Price per Head.

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