There are several reporting options available to online bookie agents. There are so many, in fact, that some bookmakers could get into the habit of only using one or two reporting options. Many bookmakers may find that they simply don’t have enough time to utilize all the reporting options available to them. That’s why I’ve written down three reporting options that per head agents should be using, but most likely aren’t.

Login History

Although many consider the login history report as an “other” report, meaning that it’s not essential, per head agents are doing a disservice to themselves by not periodically checking the login history for both casual players and pro players. If casual players haven’t logged in for a while, pay per head agents should send a text message, or email message, alerting casual players to upcoming sporting events. Casual players may not even be aware of upcoming events.

If pro players haven’t logged in for a while, there could be other issues. It may take time for agents to get down to the exact reason a pro player hasn’t logged in for a specific period. The worst could be that the pro player has decided to move his or her business to a different online bookie agent.

Payment History

Bookmakers should reward agents that pay off balances right away. The best way to reward those players is with wagering credits, free tickets to sporting events in their area, or with clothing of their favorite team from one of the major sports leagues:  NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL.

By rewarding players, casual or pro, that pay off their balances as soon as they can, per head agents promote loyalty. Customer loyalty is the bread and butter of any service business. Just ask AT&T and Verizon how important customer loyalty is. Make no mistake, bookmakers are in a service business.

Changes History

A changes history report is essential for any business to keep track of the changes that online bookie agents have made. At first, bookmakers may believe that they don’t have to keep track of the changes that they’ve made to their book. This isn’t true. Tools available to per head agents to manage their businesses are all about specific changes to help add revenue and profit.

Knowing when, and for how long, an agent has scheduled a limit override is extremely important. An agent knowing if he or she has opened live betting for players is also important. PPH agents could even go as far as to use the changes history report to plan for large events like the Super Bowl or the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Online bookie agents have numerous per head tools available to them. Three pay per head tools that agents most likely aren’t using enough are:  login history, payment history, and changes history. If bookmakers wish to contact a pay per head rep, the phone number is 888-978-0688.