The 2016 NFL draft has been and gone, taking place in Chicago at the end of last month from April 28-30 at Chicago’s Auditorium Theater, and now that the dust has settled on the affair and players and fans alike are getting used to the new players that will be pulling on their favorite jerseys and suiting up for the new upcoming season, it’s worth noting that the pay per head sportsbook industry is eagerly looking forward to the September 8th kick start date as well.

It’s easy to see why. The NFL is easily, by a mile, the most popular sport to bet on in America. It’s estimated that around $95 billion – yes billion with a “b” – changed hands through betting during the past 2015 season. To make that number seen more real, here it is written down in full: $95,000,000,000. Three commas as anyone who watches “Silicon Valley” can tell you. Without getting a calculator out, that works out at a whopping average of almost $29 million per game that are gambled on the NFL, if you include the playoff games at the end of the season and the Super Bowl itself. Talking of the Super Bowl, the last one in February of this year between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos saw $132.5 million gambled on that single game alone, more money bet on one game than any other Super Bowl in history. This is all great news for sports bookies, which means great news for the pay per head business. In fact, bookies who use pay per head services will find themselves looking forward to the new season most of all, as they know that this is the time when they will clean up and business will be better than ever.

The NFL season is short, running from September until February, but within that time at pay per head service call centers all over the world, the adrenaline is running and things are buzzing. The phones are ringing nonstop and everyone’s putting in the hours working for their bookies and their clients. It’s the time of year when we all make more money than the rest of the year put together. The NFL and the pay per head industry were just born to complement each other.

So what’s the word on the street regarding predictions for this coming season? Well seeing that it’s still only early May, it’s impossible to say but no-one would bet too much against the Patriots doing well again. Indeed the early smart money is saying that them, alongside the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers are equally likely to go all the way to the Super Bowl that will be held in Houston in February 2017. But then all that could change by September once pre season is done and the serious stuff gets underway. That’s the magic of the NFL and the reason why we spend so much money betting on it – the uncertainty each year. Roll on!