The 2018-2019 College Football Season begins later this month and into the first week in September. That gives online bookie agents plenty of time to promote college football futures. There are several college football futures to promote.

Check out 3 of those college football future wagers that bookies can promote for big profits. Then, check out the one rule that all per head agents must adhere to so that they protect those profits.

3 College Football Futures to Promote for Big Profits

Heisman Trophy Winner

The odds are all over the place for the Heisman Trophy this season. Most believe the top four favorites are Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin’s RB, Bryce Love, Stanford’s RB, Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama’s QB, and Trevor Lawrence, Clemson’s QB.

The best way to promote action on who wins the Heisman Trophy is to promote odds associated with the Heisman Trophy. For example, Taylor is a +700 favorite. For every $100 a sports bettor places on Taylor, the payout is $800, $100 investment plus $700 profit.

Those are great odds on the favorite to win anything even the Heisman Trophy.

College Football National Championship Winner

The favorite is last season’s national championship winner, Alabama. Currently, Alabama is at +175 in most sportsbooks. Bama is down to +120 in some sportsbooks. Clemson is at +600. Ohio State is at +700 while Georgia is at +750.

The key to promoting the winner of the College Football National Championship is to first start with Alabama. Can Alabama repeat as National Champions? If they don’t, will Clemson, like they did a couple of seasons ago, knock Alabama off their perch?

You can promote interest in betting on Ohio State by alerting sports bettors to the fact that the odds on the Buckeyes have risen even though the Buckeyes have been without their coach, Urban Meyer, all summer. Does that make Ohio State an overlay to win the National Championship?

College Football Conference Champions

Promoting the winner of individual conferences is all about discussing changes in those conferences. For example, Auburn is at higher odds to win the SEC than Georgia. Was Georgia a fluke winner of the SEC last season?  Will Auburn and Alabama return to the top of the SEC?

Check out coaching changes in the Pac 12, specifically Kevin Sumlin at Arizona and Chip Kelly at UCLA, to promote interest on that conference. The Big Ten is one of the deepest conferences in college football this season. Overlay odds are everywhere while after huge -350 favorite Clemson, the ACC appears wide open.

One Rule About Promoting All College Football Futures

The only rule about promoting all college football futures is that online bookie agents must set max betting limits. The easiest way to do that is via Bettors Net’s mass editing tool.

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