One of the advantages of working with a great pay per head company is having access to a great dashboard. A great dashboard could make all the difference for agents. Keep reading to find out why the dashboard that you use is so important.

Why Do Pay Per Head Agents Need a Great Dashboard?

An agent’s dashboard is the key to revenue. Revenue is the key to profit. It’s all about the bottom line in the online bookie agent business. What it means is that tools are designed to help bookmakers gather profit. Once bookmakers gather that profit, tools should then help bookmakers maintain revenue.

Everything that makes a PPH agent successful starts with the dashboard. The dashboard is the single most important element for a bookie to thrive in the competitive sports betting industry. A great dashboard is the best tool that a bookmaker can use to be successful.

What Does a Great Dashboard Offer?

A great per head agent dashboard should first be in a centralized location. If it isn’t, what’s the point?

The per head company’s dashboard displays urgent messages as well as marketing messages. This helps agents stay on top of what’s going on at the pay per head company. Not only that, but agents can access head count and billing history directly from the dashboard. Both head count and billing history are important pieces of information to help bookmaking CEOs plan ahead.

Access to head count and billing history is powerful. But, the most important aspect of the per head company’s dashboard is the way that online bookie agents can set it up. The dashboard allows for manipulation so that agents can view the reports that they wish to view.

The dashboard does have presets. Agents can, however, change those presets. Agents can customize the dashboard to show the reports that they want to view.

How many reports can an agent customize his or her dashboard to show? There are more than 15 reports that an agent can choose to display on the dashboard. What it means is that bookmakers don’t have to change to the per head companies style. The per head company allows them to customize their dashboard the way they want to customize it.

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