Making the move from individual online bookie to pay per head agent is one of the best that a bookmaker can do. Becoming a PPH agent means that a bookmaker is privy to all sorts of reports that can lead to more action, more profit, and a healthier company.

This blog is about how agents can use pro player betting stats to ensure the health of their organizations. Pro players are top customers, an agent’s most important clients. Using betting stats to confirm a good relationship with a pro player is important to any bookmaker’s organization.

Find Pro Players

The key is to first find your pro players. This shouldn’t be too difficult of a task. Pro players are pickier than casual players. There are two types of pro players. There’s the investment pro player. There’s also the big money pro player.

Investment pro player – Pro players who fancy themselves investors are consistent with the units that they wager. So, for example, a pro player might pick 3 baseball games every week. On one game, they might wager $600. On a second game they might wager $300. On the third game, they might wager $100. The pro player is consistent with a strategy like this because the idea is to diversify the amount wagered.

Big money pro player – The big money pro player sits on his hands until the right opportunity. The big money pro player may not wager for an entire month until the perfect game, the game where the pro player thinks he or she can make the most money.

Simple betting stats allows agents to see what type of pro player the individual is. For example, a pro player that only bets $1,000 on a single game every 2 to 3 weeks is a big money pro player.

Check Player Activity Reports

Pay per head agents should check player activity reports for both types of pro players. If an investment type pro player hasn’t bet on anything for one to two weeks, there could be a problem.

Almost as important is the idea that online bookie agents can increase action from both types of pro players by studying betting stats. If, as an example, a big time pro player always bets on New England versus a division foe, an agent should alert the pro player when New England faces a division foe if the pro player hasn’t already made a wager.

A small, marketing text or email like the one described above can lead to much more action. It also shows the pro player that the agent is on top of it. Agents that communicate with their pro players are more likely to receive consistent action from those pro players. More action leads to more profit.

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