Live Sports Betting

Live Sports Betting

Online betting is a very competitive industry, for this reason it is almost a requirement to make your online betting shop more appealing to sport fans and be able to stand out above the rest.

It´s no secret the online gambling industry keeps growing and many bookies strive to provide their players with good entertainment and professional call center services while offering the most sports betting options.

The live betting feature offered by® Pay per Head services is very unique as just few per head options include it as an extra on the package service. Basically, another good reason to choose our Per Head as a complement to your Agent’s sports betting business.

At® Pay per Head services your palyers have full access to live betting directly from their mobile devices and on all major sports such as: MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA football, Tennis, Soccer and 80+ leagues available all year round.® Price per Head services is the industry pioneer with sophisticated offices in Costa Rica. Our Price per Head solution offers easy 24/7 online access, multilingual customer support staff and the best betting lines.

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