NFL training camps start later in July. That means online bookie agents must prepare for the 2017-2018 NFL Regular Season. What’s one of the best ways to prepare for the upcoming NFL Season? Player activity reports. Check out how agents can use player activity reports to boost NFL profits this upcoming season.

Use Player Activity Reports to Boost NFL Profit

Player activity reports are one of the most powerful reports available to per head agents. Just by studying player activity reports, agents can glean information that helps them send marketing material that boosts profits. Here’s how to use player activity reports:

  1. Check player activity reports for pro player NFL betting tendencies

All pro sports bettors have tendencies that make them pro sports bettors. An example of a pro sports bettor tendency is for the bettor to only wager for or against the New England Patriots. If the pro sports bettor only bets on the New England Patriots, they are called a Patriots sports betting expert.

Check player activity reports on all your pro players to find out their NFL betting tendencies. Do they like to wager on a specific team? Do they make a specific bet like over/under the total on NFL games? Do they only wager on teams that play in domes? Whatever those pro player tendencies are, you’ll want to find out so that you can use that information in marketing messages.

  1. Build marketing messages around pro player activity report information

Build marketing messages around pro player activity report information. For example, if a pro player has a tendency to bet on the New England Patriots, it’s important to remind that pro player about training camps starting in late July. It’s also important to remind that pro player of the changes that New England went through during the off season.

You can easily forward links about Patriots’ changes to the pro player as an FYI. This builds trust between you, the online bookie agent, and that pro player.

  1. Check casual player activity reports

Most casual players will wager $50 to $200 per week on NFL games. NFL betting remains the most important revenue source for most every sportsbook. Check casual player activity reports. Tailor individual marketing messages around what that casual player’s NFL action was like last season.

Casual players that didn’t provide a ton of action might need an incentive to get into the game this season. A $20 credit into their accounts could be all it takes. Casual players that did bet $50 to $200 each week on the NFL only needs FYI marketing messages.

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