PPH Casino Software

PPH Casino Software

The sports betting offering is very big nowadays, every day more companies offer more to their agents and players in order to keep them coming; but sometimes the quality of the services are very poor or the security standards and software are not the best in the market. BettorsNet.com® Price per head offers both, security and quality in all of the services that we provide to our agents and players.

At BettorsNet.com® Price per head you will receive Casino and Poker at no extra cost, our Casino offering is very extended with a great variety on games and for Poker we offer daily tournaments that will keep your players busy and entertained all year round.

For Casino we offer the most complete solution with a top of the line software that will make your job easier and will give you a great variety of features that will allow you to keep track on all of your players on every bet they make, including the profitability on each of the wagers that they make and the games that they play.

You can set limits in no time with just accessing our system, including adding or decreasing the amount of wagers they can place per day and the games they are allowed to play. The variety of games that we offer in our Casino is the largest in the industry, that’s why you need a software that can give you the availability of seeing every move they make with the reporting feature it has.

A key for your business to be successful is to be organized and this software will give you that and more; with the guidance of our team of experts you can learn to use our software the most productive way possible. We want your business to be profitable; you can contact us any time for assistance or advice.

Our software is set up on the most secure platform in the industry and is being backed up by the highest quality standards in technology possible. BettorsNet.com® Price per head invests every day to give you and your players a completely secure environment where you can feel confident; your information is secure with no doubt about it.

Mobile access is also available for our Casino access, this is a great feature provided at no extra cost in all of our packages, contact us now for more information!

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