Thinking about placing a few bets during this Pre Season?

This time of the year welcomes the NFL gaming season, and bookies and bettors are buzzing over the odds and predictions for the upcoming player selection.
It’s key that you know how to win with the different factors that come into play.
Several experts and bookies have claimed that pre season is the best time to play, however, some others believe it’s a waste of time and don’t invest due to the large set of variables. Lots of things can go wrong, so let us guide you through the Top 3 Bettorsnet Tips for Pre Season Betting.

Pre Season Bets in 2015

One of the key factors to take into consideration is that the primary goal of a coach during preseason is not necessarily to win the game; the primary goal of a coach in preseason is to get ready to win in the regular season. The whole purpose of pre-season is to practice, to make improvements in the team, to fix weak spots and overall strategy enforcement.
It’s a time for the head coach to work on his team’s worst features. Getting ready for the new challenges ahead, and focus his attention on the players that need it the most.
As a matter of fact, it could often be a good idea for a coach to avoid using his team’s best stuff during exhibition season. Preparing the best players includes letting them sit on the bench during practice games, so they may not even be present in the games previous to the heat of the year. It’s good to remember that a coach’s new contract will not be based on how many practice games he wins. The only thing that really counts is how many ‘real’ games he wins during the regular season.

Last year stats matter?

During preseason, it can help if you have stats from last year, but not for the same reason stats are used during regular season. Last year’s stats can show you what a team needs in order to improve. It’s as though past stats can often actually work in reverse during preseason. Put yourself in the coach’s shoes. Ask yourself, what would it take to turn this particular team into a playoff contender? If you were the coach, what part of this team would you work on…And how? In other words, forget using stats the way you’re used to using them. Think of the motive instead of the talent.

Once you get used to this, many winning situations are obvious.

Other circumstances can present very different problems for the coach, but still offer just as much value to a bettor.
Betting the preseason requires recognising a team’s needs, what a coach wants to accomplish before Week One of the regular season. Teams famous for their defensive tactics can be involved in very high-scoring exhibition games, passing teams can suddenly become running teams, running teams can suddenly become passing teams. Everything can seem inconsistent and random. That’s why many bettors are convinced there’s no way to handicap exhibition games; they’ve been losing because they use the same methods they use during regular season. Those methods and that criteria simply won’t work against practice games. It’s no wonder things can seem crazy.

Just keep in mind that a coach’s only real goal is to make the playoffs.

Practices are focused in working on whatever frustrated their goals last year, putting together those people who will help make the playoffs, and cut the rest. Those plays in which a coach has least confidence he is likely to call the most during practice games, those plays in which he has most confidence he is likely to call the least. And along with that, those players in which a coach has most confidence he is likely to use the least; those players in which he has least confidence he is likely to use the most. Once you stand back and allow yourself to understand what’s really going on, preseason games can, indeed, be easier to beat than regular season games.

We hope this tips give you more insight about the season and help you thrive!

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