Live betting has become popular. Many online bookie agents are hesitant to add live betting to their businesses because they are afraid that allowing live betting makes it more difficult to financially manage risk. This isn’t the case. Live betting is nothing to be feared. The key is to partner with a pay per head company that has an efficiency adding Live Bet Ticker.

Live Bet Ticker Specifics

All specifics regarding the Live Bet Ticker below helps online bookie agents efficiently manage their businesses:

Shows sports bets as they are inserted – This allows bookmakers to see the live bets as they get inserted. This should give bookmakers a head start on knowing which live bets they prefer deleted from their players.

Can delete bets – Once bookmakers see the live bets as they are inserted, they can then delete those bets that they feel are most risky to their businesses. The ability to delete live bets is essential. Players aren’t all the same. A group of players for one bookie may take advantage of one live bet situation while a group of players for another bookie takes advantage of a different live bet situation.

Auto refresh – The Live Bet Ticker auto refreshes based on what is occurring in each game. This prevents players from taking advantage of disjointed betting lines. Sharps are continuously looking for lines that they can take advantage of. Auto Refresh makes the sharps’ job much harder.

Shows all open bets after first load – Upon the first load, online bookie agents and players will see all live open bets. Players can start sending action to bookies right away. Not only that but agents can delete live bets right away.

Can filter by amounts and risk or win – By filtering this way, pay per head agents can quickly see which live bets are hot. They can then delete those bets if necessary. Being able to filer by amounts and risk or win, helps online bookies manage present and future financial risk.

Color scale reflects bet amounts – A color scale that reflects bet amounts adds efficiency by quickly allowing bookies to see which players are betting on what. The color scale speeds up the ability to delete bets or promote certain live bets.

As shown above, the key when it comes to live betting isn’t having or not having the feature. It’s all about the specifics of the feature that helps online bookie agents efficiently manage their businesses. Like everything when it comes to the bookmaking industry, it’s the specifics that make the difference. For more information regarding the above detailed Live Bet Ticker, per head agents are encouraged to call 888-978-0688.