The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, March Madness, is just about here. To prepare, online bookie agents must set betting limits. How do agents know when to set betting limits? On what wagers should agents set those betting limits?

Keep reading to find out!

Set Max Betting Limits on All March Madness Money Line Bets

Every year, a 16-seed gets close to taking down a 1-seed in the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. Often, the 16-seed is such a huge dog that odds makers haven’t assessed a money line. That’s not always the case, though.

More importantly, 12-seeds routinely beat 5-seeds. 12-seeds are an impressive 25-14-1 against the spread in the past 10 years. In those same past 10 years, 12-seeds have gone 19 and 21 straight up versus 5-seeds. There’s also the chance that a 15-seed could beat a 2-seed. This happened a couple of seasons ago when Michigan State lost to a 15-seed as a 2-seed.

The point is that you, as the per head agent, must prepare for any possible money line bet disaster. You can’t just assume that every 2-seed, 3-seed, 1-seed, and 4-seed will win their Round 1 March Madness game. You especially can’t assume that all 5-seeds will beat all 12-seeds. It doesn’t work that way.

That’s why the first March Madness betting limit tip for you is to set max betting limits on all money line wagers. Don’t worry if you’re setting max betting limits on favorites or dogs. It won’t matter to money line NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament bettors. Most will have money on dogs.

There’s an easy way for you to do this. Utilize the mass editing tool and set max betting limits on all players for all NCAA College Basketball money line game bets.

Set Max Betting Limits on All NCAA Basketball Tournament Futures

I’ve listed the most updated NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament Future odds.

Villanova                    9/2

Duke                           5/1

Virginia                       6/1

Michigan State            8/1

Michigan                     9/1

Kansas                         10/1

I didn’t list every March Madness Tournament option. I only listed those offering odds at 10 to 1 or less. Pay per head agents can see that 6 teams offer odds less than 10 to 1. However, all 6 of the teams listed offer odds higher than 2 to 1. Heck, every team listed offers odds higher than 4 to 1.

What this tells bookie agents is that not only must they set max betting limits on individual March Madness Tournament games, they must also set max betting limits on March Madness Tournament Futures. After every couple of rounds in the NCAA Tournament, odds makers adjust the odds.

For example, if Villanova wins their Round 1 game next March 15 or March 16 and then wins their Round 2 game March 17 or March 18, Nova’s odds will drop from 9 to 2 to probably around 3 to 1. By setting a max betting limit on NCAA College Basketball Tournament futures from the outset, agents can prevent sports bettors from step-betting, betting more as a team like Nova continues through the Tournament.

Setting max betting limits can help online bookie agents tremendously during March Madness. What can also help is changing lines. Agents can only do that via the line mover. Call a Bettors Net rep at 888-978-0688 to see how to add the Premium Plan, with the line mover, for only $6.50 per head.