Super Bowl 52 is in the books. Most online bookie agents should have made quite a few bucks wagering on Super Bowl 52. Check out a betting recap before getting into why agents should use the hold percentage tool for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 52:  Betting Recap

Surprisingly, the against the spread odds on Super Bowl 52 failed to move even half a point after settling in at 4.5 about a day after Vegas set the initial odds. The initial odds were set at New England Patriots -5.5. Quickly, casual sports bettors, the public, wagered the Pats down to -4.5 favorites.

Often, pro bettors go the opposite way of casual bettors. The reason is because pro bettors look for the best value odds. They don’t always consider betting on which team they believe will cover the spread. In this case, the best value against the spread odds ended up at Eagles +4.5.

No pro bettors backed the Patriots at -4.5. If they had, the odds would have changed. In fact, the big pro bettors might have skipped on betting against the spread all together. The money line ended up Eagles +160.

The over/under total went up a single point to 49 from 48. Over the total got crushed because Philly beat New England straight up 41 to 33.

Use the Hold Percentage Tool Post-Super Bowl

Post-Super Bowl, the most important tool for per head agents to utilize is the hold percentage tool. The hold percentage tool breaks down the hold percentage by sport, league, period, and bet type of activity by agent or player. The hold percentage tool breaks things down further into the following categories:

Bet count – How many NFL wagers did your top clients make? Did your most active NFL bettor from 2016 also provide the most NFL action in 2017?

Volume – Did any of your sub-agents, or yourself for that matter, increase NFL betting action in 2017 as opposed to 2016?

Wins/Losses – How many NFL against the spread bet wins/losses, from a real number standpoint, did you, your sub-agents, and your most active players have in the 2017-2018 NFL Season?

Hold percentage – What was the total hold percentage for you? What was the total hold percentage for any of your sub-agents?

Average bet amount – What was the average against the spread bet amount on NFL games for your most active players?

The 2018-2019 NFL Season officially starts in March. Although regular season games won’t start until this coming September, like NFL teams, all online bookie agents should start preparing for the upcoming season. That means using the hold percentage tool to find out what went right, and what went wrong, this past NFL Season.

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