CR Contact Center Solution

CR Contact Center Solution® Pay per Head online solution is the right offshore solution for online bookmakers interested in leveling up their services while delivering only the best betting experience to their players. Over the past decade, this type of sports betting service has grown the interest of many bookmakers, who before did not have access to a contact center and all the advantages this solution offers.

Outsourcing your sports betting business through an offshore bookmaking solution is a very easy, fast and clever way to increase your profits and the betting service quality for your players’ complete satisfaction and data security.® Pay per Head offers the most complete, secure and professional bookmaking solution while ensuring full access to top-notch user-friendly online tools to make the bookmakers´work load easy to handle while making sure all transactions take place following security procedures to guarantee a 100% transparency and legitimacy.

Our offshore contact center solution is located in Costa Rica and it is fully equipped with top-class technical infrastructure, robust redundancy, and data storage in order to deliver the best connectivity to all our bookmakers’ websites; while ensuring no download delays, highly secure development environments, and tailored server configurations.

Costa Rica is without a doubt the number one choice for outsourcing and telemarketing solutions, not just for betting business but for other kind of companies worldwide that establish their headquarters in San Jose and® pay per head services is amongst these prestigious international businesses.

We at® invest a lot of time and financial resources to deliver a reliable, easy to use, secure and innovative business solution to fulfill our bookmakers’ daily needs from all angles at any time of the day.

Make the right choice and join our per head service today and your players will receive the following services: Live in-game action, solid connectivity, wide selection of sports leagues (80+ leagues), sharp betting lines, risk management services, virtual casino and poker tournaments. Call® Pay per Head services for more details on how to get your price per head package set up.

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