® Pay per Head services provides countless bookmaking services, our priority has always been to offer top-notch technology to bookamakers and their players. For example; we offer secure hosting solutions 100% designed for each individual need and particular requirements.® Pay per Head services is one of the industry pioneers with a gaming background experience of more than 15 years. Their ambition is to provide a complete, secure and professional offshore bookmaking option, while guaranteeing the spors betting players all their data is handled in a highly safe betting environment and complete confidentially on every single betting transaction they handle online on a 24/7/365 basis.

The list of benefits provided to our bookmakers is quite extensive, but the major benefit we provide is to help our bookmakers free their time so they can focus on acquiring new players and expanding their online betting business cost-effectively and 100% hassle-free.

Among these services our bookmakers receive many technology advantages, secure environments to conduct all daily sports betting activities, live in-game action, on-going connectivity, multilingual contact center, and the most professional player risk management handled by a group of betting professionals.

Furthermore, the fact bookmakers can manage their accounts and their players´betting accounts directly from their mobile devices is a real advantage; there is no need to get to a computer or be in just one place. Bookmakers are able to connect at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world and check their daily, weekly and monthly reports, review lines, updates, and change players´profiles.

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