Last night the NBA playoffs delivered lots of action with three very exciting games.

The first game was a red-hot clash between the Chicago Bulls and the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets were able to overcome the Bulls; showing great tactics and good teamwork. The final score was 110 – 91 extending the Series to Game 6 in Chicago.

Later on the Atlanta Hawks and the Indiana Pacers tied the series to two games each.

The Hawks took complete control of the game since its early start, especially with Atlanta´s 11 3-point field goals. The final score came to 102 – 91.

The action continued at the Toyota Center in Houston with the Rockets playing the Thunder. The night delivered another injury scare when Kevin Durant almost breaks his wrist, but luckily he was able to stay put and continue in the game.

The Houston Rockets managed to win a very tight game thanks to C. Parson´s 27 points and extended the series to one more game at the Chesapeake – Energy Arena in Oklahoma City.® Price per Head is the leading offshore per head solution that provides the best technology advantages, mobile platforms, bookie software and multilingual customer support. Make sure to give us a call or send us an email to find out more information on how to get started.