2014 MLB Regular Season

2014 MLB Regular Season

The Major League Baseball regular season continues to grow in action and surprises as we start Week 4 and we feel comfortable to point out some power rankings teams as follows:

1. Oakland Athletics (13-5) (Up 6)

2. Milwaukee Brewers (14-5) (Down 1)

3. Atlanta Braves (12-6) (Down 1)

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (12-7) (Down 1)

5. St. Louis Cardinals (11-8) (Down 1)

6. Detroit Tigers (9-6) (Down 1)

7. San Francisco Giants (11-8) (Down 1)

8. Washington Nationals (11-8) (No change)

9. Texas Rangers (11-8) (Up 7)

10. New York Yankees (11-8) (No change):

Over the past 3 days there has been an average of 13 to 15 baseball games and today this will be no exception as the Chicago White Sox travels to Detroit to face off the Tigers at the Comerica Park. A very important fact for tonight´s game is that Chicago’s Andre Rienzo will be making his first start of the season.

During his rookie season, Rienzo went 2-3 with a 4.82 ERA in 10 starts last season. Here is a quick video:  http://espn.go.com/mlb/powerrankings

Later on in the city of Los Angeles, California at the Dodgers Stadium the Dodgers will welcome the Philadelphia Phillies, a team that is finally feeling pretty comfortable in the field. Their betting odds stand at +175 while the Dodgers stand at -185.

And finally Wisconsin will experience some more baseball action as the Brewers welcome the San Diego Padres with a money line of +130 while Milwaukee stands at -140.

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