UFC Fights!

UFC Fights!

Even though Silva said that he will not go for a rematch against Chris Weidman after being defeated by the American in the UFC 162 and lost the middleweight championship title, the rematch has been confirmed by the UFC president Dana White. White confirmed the rematch on Saturday at ESPN Sports Center where he confirmed that Weidman and Silva will see each other again.

The fight has been announced for December 28th for the UFC 168, where both Silva and Weidman had agreed to see each other again; this happened after Silva lost the middleweight championship title that he have been holding since 2006 in a fight that he was pretty confident he will win again.

Silva started the fight with a lot of arrogance, trying to minimize his opponent begging Weidman to hit him. The surprise was that the American finally hit him with a left that produced a knockout and gave the fight to Weidman who was really satisfied with the result, and a Silva really disappointed but giving all of the credit to his opponent.

There have been many speculations and rumors that the fight was fixed but White has stated that it is not true and that people will start conspiracy theories to explain the unexpected, and the truth is that nobody expected Silva to be defeated in that match, he was favorite in all of the sports betting odds and his record was perfect since he defeated Rich Franklin in 2006 for the middleweight championship.

Silva is still considered favorite a long time before the fight takes place and it is not unusual; fans are expecting a Silva with a different attitude in the rematch, fighting to get his title back and showing why he has been considered through the years that he is one of the best fighters of the UFC of all times.

The UFC 168 will take place again in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and the card for other different fights is being set up right now, but the main fight of course will be the one between Silva and Weidman. Silva is opening the sports betting odds for this fight at as favorite with -175, we will see if anything changes as the fight comes closer.

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