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November is almost over, but the NFL action continues at the Georgia Dome and the Lambeau Field where the games between the Cardinals and the Falcons will face off followed by New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers.

Currently, the Falcons hold a negative record of 4-7, but the team is in first position in the NFC South and still have a chance to lock a place in the playoffs. Despite, the recent loss to the Browns, the Falcons neither have the talent or have been well-coached to beat great teams, but they can hang in against average-to-terrible teams and, by virtue of keeping the score close, win some of those games.

It is very likely Mike Smith will be fired at season’s end: That 6-10 season coming on the heels of a 4-12 season will seal Mike Smith’s fate, if it hasn’t already been. Smith has been incapable of getting this team to play at a higher level for 60 minutes no matter what kind of danger his job is in, and whether that’s entirely or partially his fault depends on your perspective. For the purposes of this article, what matters is his record the last two seasons, and a 10-22 mark or worse isn’t likely to fly with Arthur Blank.  source: http://www.thefalcoholic.com/

While on the other hand, the Arizona Cardinals hold an extremely good record of 9-2, but the Cardinals arrive to Atlanta carrying a recent loss to the Seahawks. After his lowest-rated game of the season last time out, the Cardinals’ quarterback is more than ready to return to work on Sunday against the Falcons.

The Cardinals’ defense has been good all year but it’s reached a new level the past few weeks. Cornerback Patrick Peterson is playing very well after a slow start and has teamed with Antonio Cromartie as one of the best pair of cover men in the NFL. Here are a couple of videos on Arizona´s latest action: http://www.azcardinals.com/news-and-events/article-2/Cardinals-Wade-Into-NFC-South-Mess/0ed7f945-ae8f-413a-90a1-9fe13f7cc5b1


These are the most updated betting odds on this football clash:

Arizona Cardinals    EV   44.5o

Atlanta Falcons  EV  44.5u   **Note these odds tend to change as we get closer to game time

NFL Betting action

NFL Betting action

source: www.nfl.com

Additionally, the Packers continue performing at their top and currently are in first place in the NFC North. While, New England’s impressive record of 9-2 has placed the team as one of Super Bowl XLIX  favorites to win.  These are the betting odds on this game:

NE Patriots    +3   57.5o

GB Packers     -3   57.5u   **Note these odds tend to change as we get closer to game time

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