Seattle Seahawks Win Super Bowl XLVIII

Seattle Seahawks Win Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl XLVIII was predicted to be one very unlikely NFL final game where the best defense was to meet the best offense and after yesterday’s clash between the Broncos and underdogs Seahawks there was nothing more to be said.

At the MetLife stadium in East Rugherford, New Jersey –  the Seattle Seahawks literally crushed the Denver Broncos taking the Lombardi Trophy home for the first time in the team´s history and delivering a final score of 43 to 8.

Without of doubt, the best defense (Seahawks) was dominant from the very start leaving no room for creativity on the Broncos´end neither any chances for Peyton Manning to display his talent on the field, he was totally disarmed. Manning was literally diminished to just one single touchdown and seven interceptions along with his brother´s help.

On the other hand, Seattle´s masterful defense including linebacker Malcolm Smith, defensive end Cliff Avril and cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell managed to give Seattle a stunning 22-0 lead in the second quarter.


Super Bowl XLVIII Winners

Super Bowl XLVIII Winners

“The only way we could say we were the best defense was to take down the best offense,” linebacker Bobby Wagner said.

“Maybe defense wins championships, after all,” observes NFL writer Will Brinson. “The Seahawks made the case for such a statement Sunday night in the crisp, northern air, demolishing the best offense in NFL history.

Here is a quick video on the best and the worst of Super Bowl XLVIII moments:

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