Bookmakers and agents trying to expand their pay per head business not only dream of building up a productive and long term shop, but a type of business that will give them time for themselves and take care of their future.  The best way possible to have both a successful business and spare time is to team up with a secure, reliable and experienced pay per head company.  We, at®, have provided secure and confidential per head services since 1997.  Since day one, our company has been engaged in providing one of a kind customer service; together with a team of professionals who will give you technical support 24/7/365.  We are also proud of our call center solution located in San José, Costa Rica; which has been labeled as the gaming hub of the world due to its ideal political and geographical conditions.® guarantees secure services and complete confidentiality for bookmakers and their groups of players.  We have worked for several years in the development of optimal conditions to offer 100% satisfaction and to create a large group of customers who will remain loyal and trust the superiority of our working standards.

We reach all this by presenting a wide range of innovations that attract the most demanding bookmakers.  For instance, our company provides the most vigorous set of sporting and horse racing events available in the pay per head market.  Not only do we give your players non-stop access to our confidential pay per head services, but also we provide them online, on the phone, and on their mobile from almost everywhere in the world.  In addition, players will have access to extra entertainment features such as poker tournaments all day long and Vegas style casino games.

A dependable and ground-breaking company like ours will give you, the bookmaker, a user-friendly system; which at the end of the day allows the implementation of advantages that will demonstrate to be money-making and flourishing straight off.

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