® Pay per Head offshore offices are currently located in Costa Rica which is one of the best business outsourcing places in the world to establish a contact center.

Our technical support management team ensures the most solid connectivity and redundancy at all times avoiding download delays, website time-outs, data loss, and any other type of connection issue.® Pay per Head servers and the backups are situated in different highly secure locations and our technical support staff works constantly to ensure everything is always running properly. For this reason, our solution is the most reliable for online bookmakers who have had technical issues with other similar services.

Our bookmakers can entrust us their databases as these will be handled with extreme confidentiality, but at the same time bookmakers have full access to all their information from any location and from any mobile device like a tablet, smart phone, laptop or a regular computer.

This particular feature (mobile betting) of® Pay per Head services is a highlight on the extensive list of advantages offered. Our bookmakers and their players find it very user-friendly, fast, and highly secure especially now that most people do things on the move and from their mobile devices.® Pay per Head online services also offered a dual bookie software platform which is very easy to use from mobile devices. So, both the bookmaker and the sports betting player will have a-hassle free betting experience at no extra cost.

Everyone will be able to contact our customer support and wagering staff 24/7 /365 and in their preferred language either via telephone, email, or chat depending on what the customer would like to use.® Pay per Head packages prices are highly competitve and our bookmakers find our solution to be the most complete and secure one in the industry.

Online sports betting players can also access® virtual casino games and horse entertainment via mobile and play their favorite casino game or bet on more than 70+ horse tracks in the United States directly from any mobile device as long as they have an activate account and a password.

At® Pay per Head we have everything a bookmaker requries to be successful in the online betting world. Just make sure to contact us for more details on what packages we offer, pricing and our security procedures.

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