Bookmakers and agents who have decided to join a pay per head service provider should follow this bookie advice: take into consideration the number of players that you already have, the profile of these players, the average amount that they play per game and the preferred sports events, horse races, casino games and poker games that they play. The main goal here is to know and completely understand the business that you are conducting and by doing that you will be able to easily choose the best offerings in the pay per head market for your group of players.

We at® give advice to bookies when they are shopping around for a pay per head solution. Bookies can always contact our customer service specialists who will walk them through the process of setting up an agent account and deciding on the right features to match their players’ expectations and needs.

We offer more than 80 sports leagues all year round together with a selection of more than 70 racetracks to bet on with the option to choose from one of the 12 set-in-advance profiles for horse wagering that will adjust to your players’ profiles. Apart from the live betting options that we provide; we have ideated a way to keep your clients busy and satisfy between the major sporting events along the year. We provide a variety of prime casino games such as blackjack, craps, slots and roulette and online poker tournaments that take place all day every day.

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