It may be tempting to combine your love of sports with betting to create a lucrative career. Think about the benefits, the money rolling in, making your own schedule and a job that you don’t mind doing everyday involving one of your favorite activities … Sports!

It sounds like a win-win situation in anyone’s book, but the reality is, building a quality bookmaking business is not as glamorous as it seems. Many bookies face burnout because of the huge amounts of time they spend recruiting clients, collecting money, tracking lines, taking bets, etc.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. A quality PPH service can help you build a business by taking some items off your plate, allowing you to allocate your time wisely and reasonably.

Here are a few things you need to consider though before you become a serious bookie:

Who will build your website?

The reality is that today’s consumers have come to expect web options for nearly every service you can imagine. Gambling is no different. When you sign-up to partner with today, ask us how we can help set up a custom website for your customers to place bets.

How long will it take to get started?

With top-notch customer service and 24/7 customer support, you can have your bookie business up and running today. The real question is how quickly can you recruit gamblers and get the bankroll to cover their bets if they win?

Do you mind if clients call you in the middle of the night?

It used to be that bookies had to be available themselves 24/7 (unrealistic) or hire people to staff a call center to take bets from their clients (expensive). Thanks to new technology, PPH services can provide bookmakers the sharpest betting lines available in the market 24/7/365 either online or over the the telephone for incredibly reasonable rates. Furthermore, call centers can provide customer service in multiple languages and as a standard feature.

Are You Good at Making Connections?

Being great at networking and making connections can help. If you are a very introverted person than this might not be the career move for you. Bookies mostly work off of referrals and “friends of friends” that can help get the ball rolling. Trust is a big issue in this line of work. You have to be a reliable person to allow people to have faith in putting their money into your hands and continue to provide them with reliable service to make them comfortable enough to send their friends and family to you.

Don’t gamble your business away with a subpar PPH service. Team up with the industry standard today!