Smart online bookies want the most quality per head software that they can find. What it means is that agents should upgrade to premium pay per head software as soon as they can. Bettors Net’s Premium Plan provides tools that help bookmakers increase profit. That’s a good thing!

Before getting into why bookies must upgrade, I want to go over exactly what the Premium Plan offers. Check it out!

What is Premium Pay Per Head Software?

Premium pay per head software offers added benefits. These added benefits can increase profit. Here’s a list of those added benefits:

Line mover – Stay up to date on line movements. Your players are going to. You need to as well!

Manage limits – Manage limits quickly and efficiently directly from the premium section.

Additional live betting reporting – Access powerful reports that give you an edge when it comes to live betting.

Injuries – Injury information is one of the key pieces of information that players use to decide when to wager. Per head agents like you need the same info that players get.

Scores from Don Best – Don Best is one of the most reputable tout services on the Internet. The scores that Don Best provides are always accurate.

Time changes – If there is a time change to a game, it helps for you to know.

TV listings – You can leverage TV listings to promote action on games that you know casual players are going to watch.

Reasons Bookie Agents Must Upgrade

After reading through the list, you might believe that you don’t need any of it. That’s the wrong way to think. There are big reasons why you want to upgrade to the Premium Plan.

Competition – Competition is fierce. Any tool that you can access that gives you a leg up on your competition is a great tool.

Profitable companies are well-managed companies – Profit follows great management. As a pay per head agent, you are both owner and CEO of your own sportsbook. What if you miss out on important injury information and don’t set a max betting limit? You could end up taking a big hit. How about if you forgot about the ESPN nationally televised baseball game and failed to promote it to your players? You could miss out on a lot of profit.

Live betting – Live betting can significantly increase action. But for action to turn into profit, you must know when to delete bets. Additional live betting reports help you to decide when, and when not to, delete bets.

Bettors Net is currently offering a 3-Week Free Trial for its excellent pay per head software. The free trial includes the Premium Plan. The phone number to call is 888-978-0688.