When pay per head agents sign-up with a terrific per head organization, they can take advantage of fantastic software tools. All PPH features from great per head companies are created to help bookmakers efficiently manage their businesses. Efficiently run businesses are profitable businesses. One such tool that ensures efficiency is the settle alert tool.

Why is the Settle Alert Tool Important?

If you must wake up at 6:00 am the next morning, do you set your alarm clock at exactly 6:00 am? Or, do you set your alarm clock at 5:45 am?

The settle alert tool works much like an alarm clock. It allows agents to create pre-settles. Pre-settles alert agents, it pings agents, before a settle limit has been reached. This makes the settle alert tool important. It allows agents to collect before the player reaches that number, the amount of money the player owes, at which point the agent must consider shutting down the player.

Best Way to Use the Settle Alert Tool

Here’s a simple way to use the settle alert tool.

  1. Find out if the player is a casual player, or a pro player

You’re not going to know weekly and total limits to set unless you understand the specific player’s habits. Casual players bet less, but bet on more sporting events then pro players. Casual players are also more likely to be problem gamblers.

  1. Decide on the player’s weekly and total limits based on their classification (pro or casual)

A pro player doesn’t lose as often as casual players. Most pro players win more than they lose. Some casual players should only be allowed to wager $200 a week. Others are responsible with up to $1,000 a week.

  1. Set a monetary pre-settle based on the overall limit

For example, if the weekly limit is $1,000, the total limit might be set at $4,000. An online bookie agent could set a pre-settle at $3,000. The $1,000 cushion protects your business. It also protects the player. If the player doesn’t reach $4,000, you don’t have to cut off the player.

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