The very best pay per head partners offer software features that help agents run their businesses. One of the tools that many agents may not be using often enough, but should be using often, is the position tool.

What is the Position Tool?

The position tool is simply a breakdown of open bets action. Online bookie agents can log into their accounts, and check the position tool to see what bets are open. After an event is final, agents can see the expected profit for that event.

For example, during Super Bowl LI, an agent could have checked to see how many bets were open going into overtime. After the Patriots beat the Falcons in overtime, agents could have checked to see how much profit they made from Super Bowl LI.

Look for Trends via Position Tool

The position tool is great to see trends. Trends help business owners plan. Check out an example of using the position tool to find a trend:

Say for a full week in the NBA an agent uses the position tool to check profit on every specific game. On Monday, the agent does this to find that the Cavaliers versus Knicks game has driven more money to the per head agent’s book than any other basketball game that night.

The next night, the Cavalier are playing again. The agent checks and, once again, the Cavaliers game has driven more action than any other NBA game that night. On Thursday, the position tool shows the same results, that the Cavaliers game drives more action than any other NBA game. On Saturday, the Cavs game results in driving more action.

Let’s say that the per head agent in question studies the next week’s NBA games via the position tool, then the week after that, and then the week after that. All the results lead to the same conclusion, that if the Cavs are involved in a basketball game, more action is driven to this agent’s book.

The agent has just found a trend. The agent can apply marketing efforts to the trend, or, if the agent wants to bump up action on other NBA teams, they can use the position tool to see which teams are in second, third, fourth, or whatever place they want, to the Cavaliers. The key thing to remember is that it’s important to acquire enough data before calling anything a trend.

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