Software features are the bread and butter of any pay per head interface. Agents have no use for a PPH interface if the software is up to standard. But, being standard isn’t good enough anymore. In today’s competitive bookmaking industry, working with a per head organization that goes beyond is the only way to offer the very best to costumers.

See below for 3 software features that online bookie agents must have.

Mobile Betting

The latest numbers from 2015 say that 68% of U.S. adults have a smartphone. That’s an amazing number. We’re in 2017. How many U.S. adults do you believe now owns a smartphone? The number is higher than 68%, that’s almost a given.

Then, if you break it down to sports betting players, the percentage is likely higher. My guess is that close to 100% of individuals that bet on sports have a smartphone. One of the reasons why is because of mobile betting. Mobile betting isn’t unique to any single sportsbook or per head company. All online sportsbooks and all online per head organizations offer mobile betting.

What is unique to certain PPH organizations is how mobile betting for customers works hand in hand with some agents to provide key metrics for those agents. What’s also unique is the ease in which customers, players, can make wagers via their smartphones. Some PPH client facing interfaces aren’t as good as others.

Sharpest Lines

Increasingly, players utilize their smartphones for not only mobile betting, but also to gain information via handicapping resources like, or even Per head agents must utilize the sharpest lines. offers a list of all sportsbook lines for each game. Players are used to looking for the most favorable lines from the sportsbook that they decide to bet through.

Good pay per head customer service requires agents to find the sharpest lines possible. Agents shouldn’t give their clients any reasons to ditch them as an online betting service provider. Providing the sharpest lines breeds loyalty.

Layoff Account

The very best per head organizations offer a layoff account. Layoff accounts allow agents to lay off action that they take. At times, agents might receive an inordinate amount of action one one side of a spread from another. When this happens, online bookie agents could be on the hook for monetary payouts that might hurt, or even kill, their bottom line.

It’s important that agents have access to a layoff account, which allows them to manage action on certain highly wagered upon spreads. The layoff account is essential for bookmakers to remain competitive.

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