Cryptocurrencies’ popularity continues to rise. Online bookie agents that haven’t switched to cryptocurrency should do so as soon as possible. Bettors Net’s new agent payment method makes it even more important to switch. Before discussing the features of the new agent payment system, check out a refresher of advantages that cryptocurrencies provide.

Cryptocurrency Advantages

Peer-to-peer – Cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer. All transactions occur between a person on one end of the transaction and a person on the other end of a transaction.

Security – Because crypto transactions are peer-to-peer, they’re much safer than fiat currency transactions. Actual cryptocurrency transactions are almost impossible to steal. Most hackers try to steal cryptocurrency that exists somewhere online, on a person’s desktop, or in a crypto exchange system. Hackers don’t steal actual transactions.  

Much faster than fiat currency transactions – Fiat currency transactions can take time. An example of a fiat currency transaction is to transfer money from one bank account to another. Our banks have all told us that it takes “3 to 5 business days” for our account to account transactions to happen.

That’s not so with cryptocurrency transactions. They happen within minutes if not seconds.

Cut out the middle man – Because you’re a pay per head agent, you don’t want nosy credit card companies asking what you’re using your money for. Crypto transactions are peer-to-peer, which means you cut out the middle man.

Bettors Net New Agent Payment System

  • Request withdrawals from layoff account or billing account without the need to contact accounting
  • Players can deposit via cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple
  • You can send cryptocurrency payouts to players
  • Goes both ways – players can send you what they owe in cryptocurrency

Bettors Net’s new agent payment system speeds up every stage in the player to pay per head agent and bookie agent to player process. Players can make faster payouts, which leads to you updating their accounts faster. Players with updated accounts can continue to make wagers.

You can make faster payouts to players. Faster payouts keeps your players betting with you. Bookie agents can also request withdrawals without having to contact accounting. What’s great about this feature is that agents can request withdrawals from either their layoff accounts or billing accounts.

In addition to the new agent payment system, Bettors Net also offers a referral program. Agents should call a Bettors Net rep at 888-978-0688 and request a demo.