The NHL playoffs are on their final road as the conference finals are about to start this week as we will probably have a winner for each of the conferences. We have winners to fight for the East Conference already, Pittsburgh Penguins and the Boston Bruins had an easy road as they both won the series 4-1. In the West conference is a different story as the series are very tight. Los Angeles and San Jose are tied in 3 and Detroit is leading versus Chicago 3-2.

Pittsburgh and Boston are set up know to start playing the East finals this week while the West Conference is uncertain yet. Detroit will play today to try to take one of the spots of the conference finals. Odds for this game are setting up Chicago as the favorite -135 even though they are playing in Detroit. Los Angeles is looking favorite on the NHL hockey lines -150 against the San Jose Sharks, who will be defining this tomorrow in Los Angeles.

The road for the Stanley Cup is not looking easy as all of the teams in the playoffs have done a great job; there are teams that are going through a good momentum. Pittsburgh and Boston are even, as they both had the same result when coming to the conference finals. They are both hungry to get to the Stanley Cup finals and win.

Pittsburgh seems to be unstoppable at this point. They have a great momentum and are taking advantage of it, but Boston will not make it easy for the Penguins. They will have to overcome a huge fight before winning the Conference finals and then a spot into the Stanley Cup finals. Stanley Cup betting lines are still having Pittsburgh in the second place +600 over the rest of the teams to win the final.

On the West Conference, the eyes right now are on the Chicago Blackhawks who are favorite over the Detroit Redwings +1800 to win the Stanley Cup and are waiting to overcome the series, win today and force to game 7.

Los Angeles seems to be until now the favorite in the Stanley Cup betting lines and predictions to win the Stanley Cup at +800 in the West Conference. The Sharks forced game 7 as they won game 6, 7-6 on a very exciting game.

Stanley Cup finals are uncertain yet, but we hope to have the West Conference teams this week, to enter into the final path which is the finals.

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