Bettors Net is offering a 5% rebate on all initial Bitcoin or Ethereum deposits. It’s important that agents take advantage of the 5% rebate. Before getting into that, check out why Bitcoin is the future of finance.

Why Bitcoin is the Future of Finance

The reasons below are why Bitcoiin futures have climbed from just a few hundred dollars to over $10,000 per Bitcoin. The reasons mean that Bitcoin, and digital currencies like Bitcoin, will affect every inch of the financial industry. This includes all online bookmaking transactions.

No Central Bank Regulation – The one digital currency might end up being regulated, Ripple, has become the currency of choice for companies like Bank of America. Banks require central bank regulation and intervention to maintain interest rates. That might not ever happen with digital currencies save for Ripple because…

…Bitcoin and Ethereum Transactions are Peer-to-Peer – What this means is that whenever a pay per head agent makes a transaction via Bitcoin, the transaction is from agent to player or vice versa. There is no middle man. No credit card companies.

Peer-to-peer transactions leads to safety – Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions are safer than other transactions because they are peer-to-peer. Whenever a separate element, like a credit card company, is involved safety might become a concern. Another reason that digital currency transactions remain safer than other types of financial transactions is because of the speed in which the transactions occur.

There’s no lag time with Bitcoin or Ethereum transactions. This is one of the major value propositions for players to use Bitcoin or Ethereum in your sportsbook. Since transactions are instantaneous, after you send them a payout, they immediately receive the money in their accounts.

How Much can 5% Add Up To?

The key is to take advantage of the 5% rebate. Try to deposit as much as possible via Bitcoin or Ethereum via the initial deposit. The more per head agents initially deposit, the more they keep. If, for example, an agent deposits $20,000 via Bitcoin or Ethereum, the rebate is $1,000.

The point to remember is that when you, the online bookie, deposit via Bitcoin or Ethereum, you are depositing into your business. You’ll need to deposit into your business eventually. Take advantage of the 5% rebate.

Right now, Bettors Net is also offering a 14-day free trial of their Premium Package. The Premium Package might be the one that takes you from agent to master agent. Call a Bettors Net rep at 888-978-0688.