The NBA Regular Season kicks off before November. Right now, online bookie should prepare for what figures to be the most competitive NBA Season in a long time.

LeBron is now a Los Angeles Laker, meaning that although teams in the Eastern Conference will have a say as to who wins the title, the league’s biggest strength teams reside out west. Check out current betting odds on the Top 10 to win the NBA Championship.

NBA Top 10 Choices to Win the Championship

  1. Golden State Warriors -195

Steph, KD, Draymond, Kyle Thompson and now DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins. The reasons the Warriors are a perennial favorite is because they attract the best free agents on the market not named LeBron and Kawhi.

Golden State’s odds could drift down to -200 if other favorites struggle this NBA Preseason. Setting a max betting limit on a less than even money choice doesn’t make sense, but the Warriors might be unbeatable.

  1. Boston Celtics +500

Boston’s starting five, especially center Al Horford who’s a matchup issue in the paint because of his flexibility, could be close to what Golden State sends to the court this season. The key should be Kyrie Irving, who’s embraced his leadership role in Boston.

A healthy Gordon Hayward helps while no coach in the NBA, including Golden State’s Steve Kerr, strategizes around on court matchups as well as Brad Stevens. Bookies should definitely set max betting limits on the Celtics to win the title just because they might have a free pass to the NBA Championship, that’s how bad the rest of the Eastern Conference is.

  1. Houston Rockets +850

If Chris Paul hadn’t gotten hurt in the Western Conference Finals, who knows? CP3 and James Harden were up 2-1 over the Golden State Warriors before Paul had to bow out. Paul must stay healthy, meaning the Rockets can’t overplay him during the regular season. With a healthy Paul, the Rockets are almost as good as Golden State.

  1. L.A. Lakers +1000

You must hand it to King James. We mean, he could have gone anywhere but he decided to head out west to battle the Warriors and Rockets. Nothing scares LeBron.

He’s got some pieces to work with. Point-guard Lonzo Ball should improve big time this season. Rajon Rondo is on the bench just in case Ball struggles while Brandon Ingram could turn into one of the top players in the NBA..

Sounds crazy because L.A. was so bad last season, but max betting limits are a must.

  1. Toronto Raptors +1400

The Raptors switched out DeMar DeRozan with Kawhi Leonard. Leonard doesn’t want to play in Toronto. He’ll give it his all because that’s the type of player he is, but Kawhi wants to be a Laker and he’s a free agent after this season.

Per head agents are going to hear the same tune from us starting with Toronto:  the only 4 teams that appear capable of winning the NBA Championship are the Warriors, Celtics, Rockets and Lakers. Bookies could roll the dice and not set max betting limits on the Raptors, 76’ers, Jazz, Spurs, Bucks, Wizards, and Thunder.

  1. Philadelphia 76’ers +1600

We like this team, but we finally realized why the 76’ers can never get out of Round 1 in the playoffs. The 76’ers don’t have a player that can dominate from beginning to end. Ben Simmons has all the skills except the outside shot while Joel Embiid is a center.

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder +3000

Even with PG-13, Paul George, the Thunder don’t have enough to challenge the other teams in the west for the conference championship. Russell Westbrook might be the single most talented player on the planet. That’s still not enough because chemistry means almost as much as having talented players.

  1. Utah Jazz +7500
  2. San Antonio Spurs +8000
  3. Milwaukee Bucks +10000
  4. Washington Wizards +10000

We’re lumping the Jazz, Spurs, Bucks, and Wizards into the same category. First, no team in the Western Conference, like the Jazz and Spurs, will beat the Warriors, Rockets or Lakers for the conference title. Unless a major trade happens that sends LeBron to Utah or San Antonio, neither team takes the NBA Championship. Heck, neither team should get out of the Round 1.

Second, the Bucks and Wizards aren’t good enough to beat the Boston Celtics. Bookies should note that Boston’s the second choice because of two things:  a) the Eastern Conference is horrible after the Celtics, and b) the Warriors are such massive favorites.

Unlike the NFL and NHL, when teams gets good in the NBA, teams stay good for a long time. The league has always produced dynasties. Right now, that dynasty is the Golden State Warriors. Here’s a tip: even though the Warriors should win plenty of games, they don’t always cover the spread while they’re almost always over bet.

Don’t use your layoff account on every single Golden State Warrior game. Instead, try to make big profit by allowing money on Golden State to ride.

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