The 2019 NFL Playoffs are set. The Kansas City Chiefs dominated the rival Oakland Raiders 35-3 to secure the 1-seed in the AFC while the Saints secured the 1-seed in the NFC back after Week 16’s victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, hopefully, online bookies didn’t use pay per head software to discourage betting on the Steelers at any time this season. Pittsburgh got shut out of the playoffs because even though they beat the Bengals, the Baltimore Ravens took down the Cleveland Browns.

Another team that garnered plenty of Super Bowl love who won’t make the playoffs are the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings had to just beat the Bears to stamp their ticket. They couldn’t. By losing, the Vikings opened the door for the Eagles. Philly kicked the playoff door down.

Check out current Super Bowl odds along with predictions on Super Bowl 53 betting heading into Wildcard Weekend!

Super Bowl 53 Odds

New Orleans Saints                          +250

L.A. Rams                                          +390

Kansas City Chiefs                           +450

New England Patriots                      +650

Chicago Bears                                   +800

L.A. Chargers                                    +1200

Baltimore Ravens                              +1600

Dallas Cowboys                                 +2500

Houston Texans                                +2500

Seattle Seahawks                               +3300

Indianapolis Colts                             +4000

The New Orleans Saints’ odds should stay around +250. Even though they lost badly to the Carolina Panthers in Week 17, they’ve got a bye and coach Sean Payton and Drew Brees have never lost a playoff game at home. The Saints should be favored to win Super Bowl 53. Make sure max betting limits are set.

The Rams beat the San Francisco 49ers to secure the 2-seed. They allowed the Niners to rack up 32 points, though. Los Angeles doesn’t look formidable. It might be a good idea to open up wagering on the Rams.

Most definitely shut off wagering on the Chicago Bears. Chicago’s odds should drop big time after they handed the Vikings a 24-10 loss. The loss sent rival Minnesota to the offseason showers. The Bears are for real and can win the Super Bowl in coach Matt Nagy’s first season.

Kansas City looked great beating an overmatched team in Week 17. The Chiefs odds might go down some, and Kansas City could win the Super Bowl, but they’re probably not as dangerous of a team to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy as the 2-seed in the AFC.

Who’s the 2-seed in the AFC? That would be the mighty New England Patriots. After back-to-back losses in Week 14 and Week 15, most football analysts thought the Patriots would have to play during Wildcard Weekend. Nope. New England garnered the 2-seed, and check this out, they beat the Kansas City Chiefs earlier in the season. New England’s got a massive shot at making it to the Super Bowl. Set max betting limits for sure.

Either the Ravens or Chargers won’t move on from next week’s wildcard matchup. The Chargers lost to Baltimore in Week 16. They can turn the tables on the Ravens. Set max betting limits on both.

Same goes for Seahawks at Cowboys. Seattle’s the best rushing team in the NFL while the Cowboys’ defense has yielded a lot of points late in the season. Dallas has a ton of heart, but they might just be overmatched even though they’re the home team. Seahawks could be dangerous if they win next weekend.

Indianapolis dominated overmatched Tennessee. The Colts beat their wildcard rival, the Houston Texans, on Dec. 9 on the road as a 4 -point dog. Indianapolis is for real. Their odds will plummet. Set max betting limits.

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