The Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints, who are in a massive battle for homefield advantage in the NFC, continued as favorites’ in Super Bowl 53 futures this week. Over in the AFC, it appears to be a battle between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs for homefield advantage and Super Bowl 53 favoritism.

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Super Bowl 53 Betting Odds

New Orleans Saints              +300

L.A. Rams                              +320

Kansas City Chiefs               +600

New England Patriots          +600

Pittsburgh Steelers                +1000

Chicago Bears                       +1400

L.A. Chargers                        +1400

Houston Texans                    +2000

Minnesota Vikings                +2000

Dallas Cowboys                     +3300

Indianapolis Colts                 +3300

Seattle Seahawks                   +4000

Baltimore Ravens                  +5000

Why Are the Chiefs, Saints, Patriots and Rams Favored?

Kansas City maintains a slim 1-game lead over the L.A. Chargers in the AFC West. KC has the best offense in the NFL. The defense has played better lately.

New Orleans won the NFC South Division in Week 14. The Saints have one of the top offenses in the league, an improved defense, and arguably the best coach in the NFL in Sean Payton. New Orleans also has one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL in Drew Brees.

New England is one of the top teams in the league. They would have maintained their 8-3 record not for what some are dubbing the Miami Miracle that added a loss to the Pats’ record. Now at 8-4, the chances of New England garnering homefield might be a longshot.

The L.A. Rams have been the most consistent team in the NFL since Week 1. However, the Rams are awful at covering the spread. While bookies should set max betting limits on the Chargers, Chiefs, Saints and Patriots, they might consider allowing wagers on the Rams. Teams that don’t cover the spread often have trouble winning in the playoffs.

How Far Will Pittsburgh Fall After Losing to the Raiders?

The Oakland Raiders beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 14. That should send Pitt to around +3000 or higher to win the Super Bowl. What’s worse if you’re a Pittsburgh fan is the thought of losing out on making the playoffs all together.

That could happen because Pittsburgh must battle New England, take on the Saints in New Orleans, and host rival Cincinnati in Week 17. The Steelers are only a half a game ahead of Baltimore in the AFC North. They could lose 2-of-3 and, yes, miss the playoffs.

Allow Super Bowl wagers on the Steelers. Heck encourage wagers on the Steelers.

What are the Two Biggest Underdog Teams with Super Bowl Shots?

There are actually three teams that could win the Super Bowl offering odds of +3300 or higher: Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and Baltimore Ravens. The Cowboys have the best defense in the NFC. Dallas just put a stake into the heart of defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia in Week 14.

The Seahawks rush for more yards than any team in the NFL. Pete Carroll’s really got his squad playing well. Seattle could upset both the Rams and Saints in the playoffs. Baltimore’s got the best overall defense in the NFL. Ravens’ rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson has gotten better and better. We mustn’t forget that the Ravens won a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer as their quarterback.

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