The New Orleans Saints beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in NFL Week 16. Online bookies most definitely must use pay per head software to manage betting on the Saints to win the Super Bowl. They’re not the only team offering under double-digits to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy, though.

Check out an update of Super Bowl 53 betting along with what bookmakers should do to manage action.

Updated Super Bowl 53 Odds

New Orleans Saints                          3/2

L.A. Rams                                          5/1

Kansas City Chiefs                           7/1

L.A. Chargers                                    7/1

New England Patriots                      8/1

Pittsburgh Steelers                            14/1

Chicago Bears                                   14/1

Houston Texans                                16/1

Dallas Cowboys                                 25/1

Seattle Seahawks                               25/1

Minnesota Vikings                            30/1

Baltimore Ravens                              40/1

New Orleans didn’t dominate Pittsburgh, but they got the win. That was good enough for the Saints to secure homefield advantage throughout he playoffs even though the L.A. Rams also won. The Rams beat the Arizona Cardinals, but since the Saints remain a game up on L.A., and would win any tiebreakers, the Saints get homefield.

Should per head agents allow action on New Orleans? Although once odds adjust some time on Monday and the Saints should be at lower than3/2, it’s hard to suggest bookies even keep New Orleans on the board. The Saints are undefeated in playoff games at home in the Sean Payton-Drew Brees era. They only must play 2 games to make it to Super Bowl 53 where they’ll take on an AFC squad that’s simply not as balanced as they are.

Take New Orleans off the board to ensure profit.

One team that will significantly climb this week in bettor favoritism are the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens beat the L.A. Chargers 22-10 in Week 16. Due to the victory and Pittsburgh losing to New Orleans, the Ravens are now in the lead in the AFC North. Baltimore won’t get a Round 1 bye, but they have the best defense in the NFL. Like Eric Weddle said, no team “wants to play” the Ravens “in the playoffs”.

The odds on both the Bears and Patriots should also rise. The Rams have one more game they must win to secure a Round 1 bye. It won’t be easy because the Rams face the San Francisco 49ers in Week 17. San Francisco’s been playing well. The defense, in particular, has been excellent. If the Rams lose and the Bears win in Week 17, Chicago would garner the bye because they beat the Rams in the head-to-head matchup.

The odds on the Patriots might go to single-digits just because the team that’s best suited to beat New England are the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh might not make the playoffs this season. That should encourage Patriots backers to put money on New England. Also, because the Texans lost and the Patriots won, Houston could end up either not making the playoffs or having to play in Round 1.

Houston’s odds should rise some because the Texans lost straight up to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Texans have 5 losses. They battle the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 17. If the Jags beat Houston and the Colts beat the Titans, Indianapolis would win the AFC South.

In all cases, pay per head agents should set max betting limits on all teams to win Super Bowl 53. They should definitely consider taking the Saints off the board all together. New Orleans has homefield advantage and is easily the best team in the league at this point in the season.

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