No matter what the size and scope of your bookmaking business, the more successful you become the more likely it is that you’ll start to consider working with a pay per head company. In fact, as your bookie business does grow, the more you’ll need the kind of help that only a pay per head provider can offer, so by the time you get to that stage of needing to think about this, you’ll be only too aware of what a great “problem” that it is to have.

So what’s the difference between all of these pay per head deals that you’re seeing on the internet anyway? Why is one different from another? Don’t they all pretty much look the same? Yep – to the untrained eye they do, and this is where due diligence comes in when looking for the right pay per head solution for your business. It’s worth checking out reviews from your bookmaking peers to see how they are working for them. But there’s also another factor involved as well. And that’s the technology.

The most very basic pay per head services will offer you a call center where your clients can call in to place bets 24/7 as well as the use of a website where they can bet online. It means that you, the bookmaker, need only concentrate on your own marketing rather than taking bets. So going back to technology, what is it about that that makes one per per head company better than another? What, beyond the basics, makes the difference technology-wise?

Well, the better pay per head companies back up their call centers with the latest in communications equipment from top of the line VoIP lines which can make your clients think that they’re making a local phone call, to the best regular land lines. The phone systems in the best per per head places will offer a seamless experience for your customers, who will never know that they are actually calling an offshore center instead of your own local office.

Another thing that the best pay per head providers offer, technology-wise, is state-of-the-art protection against hackers or others trying to compromise your system. With some of the best DDoS protection in the world – which they need because they’re looking after the sensitive info of your and others’ business – you can be sure that their protection will be better than what you can provide on your own unless you were prepared to go to enormous expense. Along these lines as well, the pay per head providers with the best technology will also offer the best encryption methods for those logging into your websites that are run by them. Basically your security is key – it’s their reputation at stake after all.

Finally another advantage of looking at a more technology-minded PPH operator is the fact that their power won’t go down. You can guarantee that they have that all wrapped up in order to provide that seamless 24/7 care that you are paying them for.

When it comes to looking for a pay per head service, yes, people are important. Reviews are important. But in this business the technology backing up the people from behind is also vital and should never be ignored.