The Atlanta Falcons are hoping that their history changes now that they sent the New York Giants back home. This team has finally realized that there is not much credit given to them even when they have had a regular season but after that a series of postseason fiascos that greatly reflected in their football scores.

The Falcons need one more winning game to guarantee home-field advantage in the course of the NFC playoffs. Last season, the team was 10-6 before they lost 9-7 to the Giants in the playoffs. Then in 2010, they were 13-3 before they lost 10-6 to the Green Bay Packers. So, the lesson has become clear for the Falcons: late-season drive and force matter the most.

Their coach, Mike Smith commented that it is very important to play competently and well in December and January and that is what every team should be determined to. He also said that the teams that have achieved this goal were the ones that had been more successful and eventually became world champions. Momentum then is essential for all teams. The Falcons have two more games to go before ending their regular season playing at home against Tampa Bay.

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