Tennis Grand Slam - Wimbledon

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Ready to test your tennis Wimbledon skills, the following is a quick trivia that will tell you how much you really know:

  • Who was the last player from outside the ‘big four’ (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray) to reach the Wimbledon men’s singles final?
  • What unwelcome distraction did Belgium’s Kirsten Flipkens complain about during her fourth‑round match on Monday last week?
  • Three men reached the quarter‑finals at both Wimbledon 2013 and London 2012. Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic are two; who was the other?
  • Self-styled “rasta” tennis player Dustin Brown charmed the crowd on his way to the third round in the men’s singles. What country does he represent?
  • When Andy Murray was young, he asked his parents for denim shorts and a hat with fake blond hair at the back, in order that he could emulate which tennis player?


  • Who has the longest ever Wimbledon career?
  • What is the highest attendance ever recorded in a Wimbledon tournament?
  • Who was the winner of the first Wimbledon tournament?
  • What is the Wimbledon turf made up of?
  • Which was the shortest match ever played in Wimbledon history?
  • Which was the longest match ever played in Wimbledon history?
  • How many withdrawals were there on the first Wednesday of the tournament this year?

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