It’s all about the dashboard when it comes to being a pay per head agent. Okay. It’s not all about the dashboard. But, great dashboards can save so much money and time that it might be the most important reason some online bookies choose to become agents with one per head company over another.

We believe we’ve got the very best dashboard in the per head industry. Keep reading for 3 reasons why.

Agents Can Access Billing History

Access to billing history may seem like a foregone conclusion. It’s not. It can be difficult to find the information that you need on other dashboards. Ours is designed so that bookmakers can access billing history as quickly as possible.

Through this type of access, agents can forecast. Making forecasts is an integral part of running a successful business. The best thing to do as an agent is to set up a billing structure so that you know exactly when you will be billed for per head services.

Agents Can Access Active Head Count

The lifeblood of any pay per head agent is wagering action. The more action, the more ability to gain profits either by collecting more player losses than you pay out on wins, or by just collecting the 10% fee for accepting wagers, or a combination of both. No action means no revenue means no profit.

The key to action is knowing exactly how many people are on board with your business. How many customers do you have? This is an important question when it comes to big sporting events. For example, on April 15, the 2017 NBA Playoffs start.

Every game during the playoffs will be televised. Do you know how many players you have on board for the NBA Playoffs?

Agents Can Customize to Preferences

Our dashboard is customizable. You can view more than 15 specific reports on our dashboard. The reason this is important is because not every business owner becomes successful the same way. The dashboard was designed to be customizable to the way that you work. That puts the power into your hands as the per head agent.

Right now, online bookie agents can get a 3-week free trial that not only includes our advanced dashboard, but that also includes our premier package to our Bookie Software. Call 888-978-0688 for more details.