At® Pay per Head online bookmaking services we offer the most professional and reliable outsourcing betting business solution for bookmakers who are looking to migrate their betting players to a solid pay per head provider.

Our goal and vision are to provide a robust, secure and professional bookmaking solution, while guaranteeing their players all betting information is handled in highly protected betting environments and 100% confidentiality at all times.® Pay per Head services offers many great features to bookmakers and their sports betting players including our top online casino entertaining available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.® high technology standards allow the bookmakers and the players to access their online casino accounts at any time of the day and from any mobile device like: smart phones, tablets and laptops.They will have full accessability to an extensive variety of interactive games that provide on-going entertainment. Some of these games are:

  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Baccarat
  • 6-Deck Blackjack
  • Blackjack Double Exposure
  • Spanish Blackjack
  • American Roulette
  • Single Zero Roulette
  • Craps
  • Three Card Poker
  • Stud Poker® Pay per Head services is a solid, reputable and reliable offshore per head solution for those online bookmakers interested in offering additional benefits to their players. Our list of benefits is very complete and our bookmakers will enjoy all those services from the very moment they start using our service.

In addition, we also provide dedicated toll free phone lines to our bookmakers and their players. Having an exclusive line for your players to call in and place their bets, ask for information or solve an issue is a major advantage, as the players feel more in touch with the pay per head service.

We ensure no download delays, secure data storage, development environments, tailored server configurations that provide complete access all year round. Join our service today and start increasing your revenue within days.

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