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Payton Manning

Payton Manning

source: NFL

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Here are the top five early favorites to win the 2014 NFL MVP award:

#5 Demarco Murray

In today’s NFL, the passing game dominates, so, when a running back can be mentioned as an MVP candidate, you know it’s something special.

Demarco Murray has done just that. He’s gotten off to a fast start this season, racking up 534 rushing yards on just 99 carries, along with five rushing touchdowns. Murray has accounted for 30 of the Cowboys 115 points scored so far, and he’ll continue to be heavily involved in the offense, keeping the pressure off Tony Romo.

Murray would be ranked higher in the MVP candidate list, but RBs simply do not touch the ball enough to make as much of a difference as quarterbacks. Nonetheless, if Murray manages to stay healthy, look for him to be one of the league’s most productive ball carriers.

#4 Peyton Manning

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Peyton Manning is having another fantastic start to the season, albeit nowhere near his monstrous pace in 2013.

Still, in three games so far, Manning has 814 passing yards, eight touchdowns and just one interception. Manning is also currently ranked 3rd in the league in passer rating (108.5), and has only been sacked three times. However, the Denver Broncos seem to have dialed back on the explosive passing game, opting for shorter, quicker passing routes and more focus on Montee Ball and the running game.

Manning, a 17-year vet and 5-time MVP, still has his work cut out for him with having to face tough passing defenses like Cincinnati (1st in passer rating allowed) and New England (3rd in passer rating allowed), but you just can’t count him out in any MVP races and 2014 will be no different.

#3 Aaron Rodgers

The talk in The Windy City before last Sunday’s game was whether or not the Green Bay Packers were finally surrendering control of the NFC North to the Chicago Bears, and what could possibly be wrong with Aaron Rodgers. The former MVP and Super Bowl champion shut that chatter down with a cerebral 302 yard, four touchdown performance against Chicago, underscoring why he’s still the best QB in the NFC.

Rodgers has been highly productive so far this season, throwing for 249.8 passing yards per game and nine touchdowns, as well as a 109.1 QB rating (2nd in the NFL). What’s even more astounding is that Rodgers only averages 32.5 passing attempts a game, which is one of the lowest among the league’s starting quarterbacks.

The only thing stopping Rodgers from capturing his second MVP trophy might be his running back Eddy Lacy. Green Bay has been trying to play a bit more smash mouth football the last few games, but, when all else fails, Rodgers will continue to stay among the league’s passing and MVP leaders.

#2 Phillip Rivers

After back to back sub-par seasons in 2011 and 2012, Phillip Rivers reclaimed his spot among the AFC’s best quarterbacks in 2013. After the first four games in 2014, he’s shaping up to be a serious MVP candidate.

Rivers was absolutely on fire the last three games, averaging a completion percentage of 74 percent, nearly three touchdown passes and a ridiculous quarterback rating of 128.5. Similar to Rodgers, Rivers has only attempted 137 passes so far this season, so he’s been highly efficient when dropping back to pass.

Rivers has led the Chargers to a 3-1 record, which will no doubt continue in their next three games against the Jets, Raiders and Chiefs. New York and Oakland struggle to defend against the passing game, with each allowing an average QB passer rating of more than 100. Even Kansas City allows quarterbacks to have a passer rating of 98.2 against them, a statistic that Rivers is looking to capitalize on in 2014.

This could be a big career year for both Rivers and San Diego.

#1 Andrew Luck

Without a doubt, the early odds on favorite for MVP  in the 2014 season is Andrew Luck.

If you want to see offensive firepower, look no further than Indianapolis. Luck has led the offense to 34 points per game (1st in the league), and 444 yards per game (2nd in the league). He already leads the NFL in passing with 1,305 yards, and boasts 14 passing TDs and only four interceptions. At the rate that Luck is playing, he could finish the season with 5,220 passing yards and 52 passing touchdowns. Those are numbers that only Madden gamers can dream of.

Whether or not Luck can continue at such a torrid pace remains to be seen, though. The Colts will face three of the AFC’s best defenses as they take on Baltimore, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh in the next three out of four games. If Luck manages to get through these next few weeks, the Colts schedule opens up for him to do even more damage to NFL defenses.


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