® Pay per Head offshore services is one of the industry pioneers with more than 15 years of gaming background experience. Our offshore contact center facilities are located in Costa Rica and are fully equipped with top-notch technical infrastructure to provide only the fastest hosting betting solution to our bookmakers while guaranteeing no download delays, dedicated server configurations, and highly secure environments.

Bookmakers need a competitive advantage over their competitors and at® we take the best care of their sports betting players while assisting them 24/7/365. We guarantee top security levels on every transaction, accessing reports, reviewing lines, making deposits or placing wagers.

At® Pay per Head online solution our team of gambling managers spend a lot of financial resources in order to guarantee our bookmakers they will never have website download delays, hosting failures or any other type of hassle while betting online.

Our technical team of professionals works constantly on improving all safety measures and strengthen the confidentiality of the sports betting players and proper accessibility on the bookmakers’ end.

There is no doubt, Costa Rica is is the number one choice for outsourcing and telemarketing solutions not just for betting business, but for other kind of companies worldwide. Costa Rica is also known as the Central American leader in top-quality technology, fiber-optic network and mobile betting platforms, plenty of reasons to be called the Online Gaming Hub of the Americas.

Additionally,® Pay per Head package options and prices are cost-effective and user-friendly; bookmakers have three choises: Essential, Elite and Unlimited. This is a quick link to our pay per head packages:

Here is a glance of some of the benefits our bookmakers find at® :

  • Sharpest lines managed by a team of professionals
  • Live in-game betting action
  • Broadest sports offerings
  • Multilingual sports and horse racing clerks
  • High-tech gaming call center in the hub of the Americas
  • Package prices starting at low prices
  • Widest horse betting selection
  • Mobile betting platform
  • Risk management professionals® Pay per Head online solution is the right choice for the bookmaker who wants to grow a reputable online betting shop. Be part of the winning team and join our service today!

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