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We offer the most complete, secure and professional bookmaking solution while ensuring full access to top-notch user-friendly online tools to make our bookmakers´daily work effortless and accurate, while at the same time ensuring their data´ safety and confidentially on every transaction.

Besides assisting our bookmakers´customers in their own language, which makes things go smoother and there is a better understanding between the customers and our support staff, we also provide the most extensive sports offering in the market, players are able to bet live on sports like: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA football and basketball, Tennis tournaments, MMA, MLS, Golf, Soccer events (World Cup & Euro Cup) and 80+ sporting leagues.

Our goal is to make sure everyone’s betting experience is secure, easy and fun. Some other benefits offered are:

  • High Security systems
  • 100% confidentiality on every transaction
  • Robust connectivity
  • 24/7/365 on-going betting
  • Tracking systems
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Highly secure mobile betting® Pay per Head group of gambling experts ensures the flawless course of every player´ betting experience at all times. Our bookmakers can rest assure no transaction will be interrupted or dropped. Your players will appreciate how great it is to bet at any time of the day and with the best pay per head solution in the industry.

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